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D&G Dent team

dr Goran Tonić

specijalista stomatološke protetike

dr Snežana Pestalić

specijalista stomatološke protetike

prof.dr Dragana Daković

specijalista za bolesti usta i parodontologiju

dr Milka Abazović

specijalista ortopedije vilica

dr Slobodan Radović

specijalista oralne hirurgije

Practice D&G Dent performs all types of interventions in the field of contemporary aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry.

Equipped to the highest standards, provides installation and prosthetics implant restorations on them, fixed prosthetics in creating bridges of high quality ceramics, visil prosthesis and extends from the so-called classical, "Titanium" firm akrilat.

D&G DENT practice complete periodontics care of patients from the advise for the proper maintenance of teeth and gums to operations with natural compensation artificial bone. Aesthetic restoration of teeth whitening and installation of their jewelry for the teeth (zircon, etc.), are part of the program for youth.

Care of the milk dentition, transitional time permanent replacement teeth as well as continuous monitoring in the field of orthodontology runs specialists of children's preventive dentistry.

Offices D&G DENT is making mobile and fixed works (translucent and color) that the outcome is guaranteed perfect calculus sequence.

Oral and dental health is our attitude toward self and surroundings that surrounds us. It is the protection of other systems in the body and an indicator of the health culture.

Your only need to come, rest is the concern of the D&G DENT practice.

Practice D&G Dent is in the center of New Belgrade, in a building next to the church St. Dimitrija in the new campus. In a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, the clinic is equipped with all the latest technological aids that with the top team of experts of various specialties guarantee high quality services. We hope you do not have the need to visit us, but if you give yourself what you deserve - the best, and that we have. In front of the ordination is parking for your car. Exact map location, address and contact information can be found on the contact page or view the map.

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